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Monday, December 7, 2009

Gracie rules

Do you see Gracie sitting in that chair with a smurk on her face? She is suppose to be learning to potty outside. I feed her and put her out side on the runner and close the door. This little dog gets up in the chair and looks at  me as if to say,"Oh yah? I don't think so!" So after an hour I bring her in only for her to walk to my carpet and potty. I'm waiting for her    to stick out her tongue at me. My friends,who is training who I ask you? I have trained many dogs,but this one is so HARD HEADED!!! I have never in countered such a will full dog. Dobermans, Welsh Cogis, Shitzus, Poodles, Labs, Beagles, no problem,but this Chiuaua has got her mind made up that she is THE BOSS! She has a good heart and is kind that's not the problem. I have taught her to shake hands,play patty cake,and sing a little. She is a sock thief, but they have to be out of the hamper. That little turkey. She is also a thief of hearts as well.I have a huge place in my heart for her. Kaydie adores her. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Cute dog; sorry I don't have any suggestions.

RNSANE said...

Do they make doggie diapers?

Windie said...

She would have that diaper ripped to shreds in seconds.

Liss said...

Ah, she has you around wrapped around her paw and she knows it.

She is a cute little thing.