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Thursday, October 29, 2009

If God brings you to it then know He will bring you through it.He is in the mist of the storm,When you feel alone He is standing next to you

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween from Ms Kaydie

Kaydie made this with a little help from me. The eyes and nose a \re made from nut shells(my idea).Thats a ghost sticking out of the top of the hat. She gave this artsy fartsy pumpkin to my bestfriend  who Kaydie refurs   to a her Aunt. I am so proud of this picture because of the fact it captures a wonderful and funny memory. If you look closely you can see the eyelashes that she insisted on having. " Mom, its a girl."  she proclaimed. I get tickled every time i look at this picture. I love that little girl. Shes whimsical, and such a joy in my life. I can't tell you how many lifes she has touched in the short time that shes been here. Her smile lights a room and has sense the day she was born. Other people brag on her like shes there child. I heard the name Kaydie when i was 9 yrs old and told my Mom that i would someday be naming my daughter that beautiful name. She smiled and said,"Ok sweety." Now the spelling my Mom and i figured out together. You see my Moms' middle name is Kay. So Kay  in honor of my Mom die the second half of Windie. Thats how the name and spelling came about.{Kaydie}

What Women need and want

What Women need and want...

Men need and want ADMIRATION. See Friday's email. Women need and want ATTENTION. Someone sent me a book entitled "What men know about women?" You guessed it, it was totally blank, NOTHING. Someone said if a man thinks for one minute he can understand women he has timed it just about right!

Why women do it

There is a valid reason women have their weeping spells, spend so much time shopping, fixing their hair, changing the furniture around and a thousand other things characteristic of women. Women need attention. God wired them that way. They will do anything in the world to get attention (more on this later). If we men every realize that and feed them the right kind of attention it can transform the relationship and marriage.

Her hair do

Here is a woman, she goes to the beauty parlor, gets her hair washed, rolled up in those rat tails (curlers), sits under the hair dryer. The operator spend hours, it seems, fixing her hair. She comes home and her husband never notices. Finally she asks, "How do you like my new hair do." He hasn't slipped, he slupped. Than he makes a quick glance and says casually, "It looks fine" or some other casual remark and she begins to bawl. The smart husband will stop everything and rave about her hair and how beautiful she is. That will get him a few hundred points that night.

Husbands are to "cherish" their wives Eph. 5:29. That means to give her TLC, tender loving care, and that includes noticing her, giving her attention.

Notice your wife

Husbands notice you wife, her dress, her shoes, her makeup, any thing new and PAY ATTENTION by giving her the compliments she deserves and desires. More on this and examples of what to do. Next time I am going to tell you how to save tons of money if you will do this one simple thing.          From the writings of Sumner Wemp

Letter from God to Women


When I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke them into being. When I created man, I formed him and breathed life into his nostrils. But you, woman, I fashioned after I breathed the breath of life into man because your nostrils are too delicate. I allowed a deep sleep to come over him so I could patiently and perfectly fashion you. Man was put to sleep so that he could not interfere with the creativity. From one bone, I fashioned you. I chose the bone that protects man's life. I chose the rib, which protects his heart and lungs and supports him, as you are meant to do. Around this one bone, I shaped you..... I modeled you. I created you perfectly and beautifully. Your characteristics are as the rib, strong yet delicate and fragile. You provide protection for the most delicate organ in man, his heart. His heart is the center of his being; his lungs hold the breath of life. The rib cage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart. Support man as the rib cage supports the body. You were not taken from his feet, to be under him, nor were you taken from his head, to be above him. You were taken from his side, to stand beside him and be held close to his side. You are my perfect angel.....You are my beautiful little girl. You have grown to be a splendid woman of excellence, and my eyes fill when I see the virtues in your heart. Your eyes......don't change them. Your lips -- how lovely when they part in prayer. Your nose, so perfect in form. Your hands so gentle to touch. I've caressed your face in your deepest sleep. I've held your heart close to mine. Of all that lives and breathes, you are most like me. Adam walked with me in the cool of the day, yet he was lonely. He could not see me or touch me. He could only feel me. So everything I wanted Adam to share and experience with me, I fashioned in you; my holiness, my strength, my purity, my love, my protection and support. You are special because you are an extension of me. Man represents my image, woman my emotions. Together, you represent the totality of God. So man......treat women well. Love her, respect her, for she is fragile.

From the writings of Sumner Wemp

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My sweet dog

I was there for his arrival. I was also there when he departed from this world and desended to heaven. When he was born I named him Teddy Bear. You see he didn't  look her real . He looked like a teddy bear. My dog was his mom. And my mom needed something to love now that I was out  of the house. So I gave her Teddy. She shortened his name to Mr.T.Bear,but called him Bear. I brought my dog over often so that they could play. My mom passed away 4 yrs ago and my dog passed soon after that. So I happily took Bear in. Bear was 10 yrs old. Last night he was really bad off. I watched over him all night. Just in case he needed me. After taking my 5yr old to school this morning Bear was crying in pain and had a begging in his eyes. As if to say ,"Please help me."    I was told he was having heart failure. My dear sweet Teddy was suffering. So I took him to the ASPCA and stayed with him till the very end. I held him, rocked him and sang to him just as I'd done on the day he was born. I told him I love you Teddy and as he always did he touched his nose to mine. One last kiss. An Eskimo kiss. Sweet baby boy you no longer are in pain. Your body is made new so that you can once again run and play without a care in the world. No fleas to annoy you. I do hope this blog makes sense as I have had no sleep sense 8am yesterday morning. It's 6pm now.I cried till my eyes feel soar. I'm sure I'm dehydrated to. My little girl took it very well. She explained that we would see him again one day when we got to heaven. I take comfort in that. Gracie my little tea cup chiuahua puppy  that i resqued  a month ago won't stop going from room to room looking for her friend,Bear. I shall smother Gracie in love and attention and cherish the memories of my dear friend. I love you and miss you Bear.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Are you aware that if everyone drops 1 piece of trash we'd be in real trouble? We all need to stop and think. Please remember somebody has to pick up what we drop. Now I don't know about you, but I personally don't like picking up other peoples trash.

Have I got your attention? Good. I didn't even tell you about the millions of animals that choke on trash that we have provided by simply tossing it to the ground.

Please stop and think what kind of world will our children and grandchildren to inherit? We need to make a change folks. A change for the better. Thank you. And I do hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Ms Jean

Have you ever helped someone only to find out that they helped you more than you helped them? Well, that was the case with Ms.Jean. I was hired to sit and aide my cousins mother in law who was in the last stages of cancer. Hospise came everyday to give me instructions to better care for her and what to relay to her husband . Her husband wanted so badly to stay @ home with her,but had to work. I ask her husband why the curtains were closed making the room dark and depressing. He informed me that it was her idea and that she wanted nothing to do with the outside world. So that day I ask her what I could do to make her want to look out of her window. She thought about it and finally said,"A humming bird feeder." I rushed to the phone and called her husband to tell him about the humming bird feeder. The next morning as I reached over to open the curtian  she began fussing at me. As soon as the humming  bird feeder was in sight she became silent for a moment. With tears in her eyes she said,"Thank you." I told her that it wasn't me,it was her husband that did it. "Oh,I love that man"  she said wiping away her tears. My next mission was to get her out of that room. I ask her a few days later if I could take her to the other room. Without hesitation she said,"Ok ,but while I'm out of this bed I might as well get my hair cut." I was so excited that went to the phone to make arrangements right away. A few days later her pain became so unbareable that her husband  and I could no longer get her to eat anything. I had to do something to get her to eat. I showed up one morning with cooking magazines. I turned her tv on and tuned it to the cooking channel. I talked about food all day long. Toward the end of the day i ask her what her favorite meal was. She licked her lips and said,"fried shrimp,hush puppies,fried catfish,and french bread." I bet you can guess what she and her husband ate for dinner that night. Now she didn't eat much,but she ate. About a week later I ask Ms.Jean if there were any movies she would like to see. She thought about it all day and finally said,"E.T.". So that night she enjoyed watching E.T.. Not long after that she passed on. I miss her,but I'm thankful for the time I spent with her. She taught me so much. Thanks Ms.Jean.

Can anyone tell me

Can anyone tell me how to...I found a chihuahua puppy that i adopted. She is as sweet as she can be,but she acts like shes been beaten. We named her Gracie. I am reluctant to get onto her when she pottys  in the house (ALL OVER) and she chews everything. Help me please. She acts scared when I leave her outside after eating to potty. As soon as I bring her in she pottys in the house. I'm tired of scrubbing my carpet. Can anyone tell me what I should do?    

come one come all

Yesterday was a very uplifting day. I joined The Church Of The Woodlands East. Every Sunday people greet you with a welcoming smile thats genuine. Then they have tables set up should you want juice or coffee. As your about to enter the worship hall a person hands you your bulleton and a pen. How many times have you been sitting in church and wanted to jot something down that you would like to recall later and you have NO PEN? Everyone shuffles to there seats and the music starts. Let me tell you something about the music. It's like being at a concert. Nobody does anything strange. Everybody is just enjoying the uplifting music. The preacher preaches and he makes you think and laugh. By the time it's time to go you have a smile on your face and a lighter heart. You leave thinking I'll be back next Sunday. This Sunday the subject was 2012. Theres a movie coming out called 2012. Some people believe it's the end of the world. I say NOT! If you read your Bible God says NO MAN KNOWETH THE DAY OR THE HOUR. www.woodlandschurch.tv

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank you Unstoppable Spirit

Unlike any movie youve ever seen

Have you ever heard of a vegitarian vampire? Well Twilight is just full of them. The movies are awesome and the book are even better.Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn. You won't be able to put the books down. And you can rent Twilight the movie and watch it before New Moon is released in the theatres in November. Enjoy and you can thank me for it later.                                                                                                               

Who Done It

Don't you love a good who done it? Oh i do. I love CSI Las Vegas and CSI New York. I find it very intersting. And i like to figure it out before they do. A little detective work gives me a brake from everything my brain worries about during the day. You should try it . It's a rush solving the case before the characters do. Then I get to be proud that i was intellagent enough to beat them to the punch and pat myself on the back. That feels pretty good to. It's a great escape. Not to mention you really begin to like the characters and get involved with there story line. Give it a try and see what you think. Warning....children should not watch with you.


Kaydie and I had a Barbie fashion show. It brought back the memory of my Mom and I doing the same thing. I even made some of the outfits. Boy is it hard to measure a Barbie doll for clothes. I made a runway and I announced them as Kaydie made them strut down the runway.We had so much fun. I know my Mom was looking down at us and smiling. I hope I'm as fun as my Momma was. She could make anything fun. And she always made time for me. I had all the love in the world. I have memories to last a lifetime.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dress up

My daughter loves to play dress up. Remember when we were kids and let our imaginations run wild? I'm Superman,a little boy would holler as he pretended to fly around with his arms stretched out in front of him. While a little girl would be hollering oh yah?!!? I'm Wonder Woman! And she's stronger than stupid old Superman. Then there would be a battle back and forth going something like this. Nuh uh.Ya huh. Until Mom would come out and say nobodies stronger than anybody else. Well, times haven't changed much.My daughter,Kaydie informed a little boy she was playing with that she's going to be a doctor when she grows up. When this little boy shot back Nuh uh only boys can be doctors! Kaydie puffed up her chest and said thats not so. You are just saying that because i could do it better than you can! It took everything i and the other parents had not to bust out laughing. You have to admit that was a very smart remark. I wanted to stand up and say thats right she told you. Instead i said nothing just grinned.

Sieze The Day

Well, It's Friday! And my daughter already has a costume for next Saturdays Halloween. She will be visiting her Dad.I do hope he remembers to minimize the sugar or she will be bouncing off the walls and she defintely won't be sleeping. She's growing so fast. I remember the day she was born. 6lbs 7oz. she was so tiny. And now she's almost as tall as me. And she still lights up a room and commands everyones attention without a word spoken from her lips just a smile. She just has a kindness about her. She can make anyone smile. God must have really loved me to give me Kaydie. I couldn't have hand picked a better child. I love seeing things through her eyes. She notices things I don't even pay attention to. What's a special memory that you cherish? And when's the last time you played and enjoyed life as if you were a kid again?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Music and why we love it

Music makes us feel any emotion really. Try this experiment mute the sound on a movie and watch it. Then watch it again with the sound and notice the difference.I enjoy songs of praise,classical music,musicals,and rock n' roll (some of it). Do you ever get those commercial jiggles stuck in your head. It's cool for a while,but then you can't seem to erase them from what my grandmother called your tape it's annoying. How many of you remember the coke a cola song? I'd like 2 teach the world 2 sing in perfect harmony...... Or the band aid song? I am stuck on band aid brand so germs don't stick on me...... Or the ever famous McDonalds song? @all beef patties special lettuce cheese served on a sesame bun.You deserve a brake today @ mcdonalds... Why does our brain hold onto useless junk? And some of the things we want to remember won't stick. Just a thought.

My little dancing diva

Kaydie says hi,followers. She ask me 2 share her dance recital pictures. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nature girl

My daughter is outgoing and quiet the nature girl. These pictures were taken in my yard. Do you see my little monkey in the tree? Don't you just love roses? Oh I do. There delicate, dainty, beautiful flowers. Don't you think? No 2 are the same. And I enjoy there fragrance. Roses are given out of love, a plea for forgiveness, and for condolences. So apparently I'm not the only one who smiles when they see roses. Although I have to say my preference is not a bundle of roses, but one long stem yellow rose. I think anyone can run and grab a quick bundle of roses. But, if a man takes the time to pick one perfect yellow rose for me; I melt like butter.

The blues

Have you ever had one of those days that you've got the blues? And nothing seems to bring you out of it. Well that's me today. All your friends are busy doing something else. Nothings on TV. Low on money so I really can't take myself out. I think I am gonna draw myself a hot bath and read a good book. Maybe today's not such a bad day after all. I promise the next blog will cheerier.

Brain Teasers

These are brain teasers that I hope you enjoy and share with you friends. Look @ the 1st picture.Now turn the picture over to see a different picture. ~Look @ the picture of Jesus for 60 seconds.Now look @ a lit lamp. Close your eyes and you'll see the picture of Jesus. Cool huh?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dances your cares away

Well I took my daughter to dance class today. She takes jazz and ballet/tap classes. You should she her. She is absolutely amazing. The energy and pep in her step makes me remember what its like to be a kid. How when your a kid you have not a care in the world. And your so wrapped up in the moment that nothing else matters. No worries, no concerns, nothing ,but the here and now. Maybe sometimes we should take time to dance and be a kid again. As my 5 year old daughter puts it,"Lets dance till we have happy feet again."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here ye! Here ye! Twilight is the subject. The second movie is coming out,"New Moon". If you haven't seen Twilight ,the 1st movie, then run do not walk to rent this movie. You would be doing yourself a favor. This is movie that must be seen. The author Stephenie Meyer takes vampires to a whole new level. Nothing about this movie is expected. It's a thriller slash love story. If you'd like to take it to the next level then read the books. I guarantee you'll be hooked. You'll absolutely love it. Trust me on this. You won't regret it. You can thank me for this later. In November 2009, New Moon comes out in theratres. Be there! Find out what everyones talking about. What are you waiting for? Go rent Twilight.

Gerard Butler is absolutely gorious

I must tell you up front I wrote the note on the bare chested picture of Gerry. He is dreamy isn't he? You can see him in P.S. I Love You; Dear Frankie; 300; Phantom Of The Opera; Dracula 2000; and the list goes on and on. Trust me he is not only good looking,but he is talented as well. He can act & sing. And I've never heard and unkind word said about him. I am proud of him staying down to earth instead of surcoming to the hollywood hype. Go rent his movies and enjoy. :)

A Woman

Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet my Gerry

Gerard Bulter better known as MY Gerry. Isn't he just yummy? Nobody has ever said anything mean about him. This Scottish man is a kind, caring, friendly, and handsome gentlemen. He is the greatest eye candy , but guess what he's a great actor. You may have seen him in films like,"P.S. I love You, Nims Island, 300, Dear Frankie & thats just to name a few." And guess what ladies he can sing too. In Phantom Of The Opera he sang beatifully. He sang in a band when he was younger. And to top it all off he went to law school before becoming an actor. He doesn't drink or smoke either. He is so awesome. I sign as I type these words. Thank you Gerry for making me so...happy. :) :)

Gerard Bulter better known as MY Gerry. Isn't he just yummy

Cant Sleep,Well join the crowd.

Do any of you keep Vampire hours? And it's not because you want to ,but due to the fact that you cant stop your brain from thinking about 2days events or even what u have on your plate for 2morrow. I am a recovering worry wart.That means if theres something 2 worry about I'll find it! Thankfully I'm on the road 2 recovery. I invite u 2 join me in this quest. I have less headaches and am alot happier. :) So who's excited about the new Twilight movie?!!?? I don't know about you,but I personally CANT WAIT!!! (Oh! Those of you who havent noticed yet; my spelling is terrible!!! Please over look it.) How many of you out there want Jacob with Bella? Well NOT ME!! Let him find a nice townie. Edward is so.....Deep and caring and smart and NOT 2 mention HOT!!! Please let me know your views on this or any other topic. I look forward 2 hearing from you.And by the way I DO like Jacob.I just dont want him w/ Bella.