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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween from Ms Kaydie

Kaydie made this with a little help from me. The eyes and nose a \re made from nut shells(my idea).Thats a ghost sticking out of the top of the hat. She gave this artsy fartsy pumpkin to my bestfriend  who Kaydie refurs   to a her Aunt. I am so proud of this picture because of the fact it captures a wonderful and funny memory. If you look closely you can see the eyelashes that she insisted on having. " Mom, its a girl."  she proclaimed. I get tickled every time i look at this picture. I love that little girl. Shes whimsical, and such a joy in my life. I can't tell you how many lifes she has touched in the short time that shes been here. Her smile lights a room and has sense the day she was born. Other people brag on her like shes there child. I heard the name Kaydie when i was 9 yrs old and told my Mom that i would someday be naming my daughter that beautiful name. She smiled and said,"Ok sweety." Now the spelling my Mom and i figured out together. You see my Moms' middle name is Kay. So Kay  in honor of my Mom die the second half of Windie. Thats how the name and spelling came about.{Kaydie}


Tes said...

Oh wow, Windie, what a beautiful story behind a name. I love names that are carefully thought-of. It magnifies the meaning!

The pumpkin is simply adorable. It has traces of Kaydie all over it. Yes, I see the lashes. You and her are quite the artists!

It is such a delight to have Kaydie! Her smile is contagious. You are doing a good job with her. You are raising her well. :)

life ramblings said...

what a delightful post with an adorable pumpkin. Happy Halloween! hope you had a blast. :)

Kateri said...

Gosh, that is such a cute pumpkin. =)