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Monday, October 19, 2009

My little dancing diva

Kaydie says hi,followers. She ask me 2 share her dance recital pictures. Enjoy.


RNSANE said...

Kaydie, you are, indeed, a lovely young lady and I am sure your mom is very proud of you. You look a great deal like her. I wish we could see a video of you performing.
I like all the pictures but the one of you in your costume with the flowers is especially pretty.

Your mom's blogging friend ( who only has three sons and is hoping, someday, to have a dancing granddaughter ),


chicamom85 said...

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. You have a very nice blog and Kaydie is very pretty.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Kaydie looks so much like you. The dance recital pictures are all so nice.

Ladybug Mama of 2 said...

Ahhh she looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing her dance recital pictures with us.

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

She's a cutie!

Liss said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. It looks like we have a bit in common. Your daughter Kaydie looks beautiful in her costumes and is very lucky to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers.

My daughter also dances her end of year concert is coming up in the next few weeks.