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welcome frog
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet my Gerry

Gerard Bulter better known as MY Gerry. Isn't he just yummy? Nobody has ever said anything mean about him. This Scottish man is a kind, caring, friendly, and handsome gentlemen. He is the greatest eye candy , but guess what he's a great actor. You may have seen him in films like,"P.S. I love You, Nims Island, 300, Dear Frankie & thats just to name a few." And guess what ladies he can sing too. In Phantom Of The Opera he sang beatifully. He sang in a band when he was younger. And to top it all off he went to law school before becoming an actor. He doesn't drink or smoke either. He is so awesome. I sign as I type these words. Thank you Gerry for making me so...happy. :) :)