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welcome frog
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Monday, October 26, 2009

come one come all

Yesterday was a very uplifting day. I joined The Church Of The Woodlands East. Every Sunday people greet you with a welcoming smile thats genuine. Then they have tables set up should you want juice or coffee. As your about to enter the worship hall a person hands you your bulleton and a pen. How many times have you been sitting in church and wanted to jot something down that you would like to recall later and you have NO PEN? Everyone shuffles to there seats and the music starts. Let me tell you something about the music. It's like being at a concert. Nobody does anything strange. Everybody is just enjoying the uplifting music. The preacher preaches and he makes you think and laugh. By the time it's time to go you have a smile on your face and a lighter heart. You leave thinking I'll be back next Sunday. This Sunday the subject was 2012. Theres a movie coming out called 2012. Some people believe it's the end of the world. I say NOT! If you read your Bible God says NO MAN KNOWETH THE DAY OR THE HOUR. www.woodlandschurch.tv