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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A very special day is coming up. December 8th,1926 God  blessed the world with a wonderful person, my Mammaw. Mammaw, better know as Doris to everyone else was my favorite person aside from my Mom. When I was little everyone lovingly called me her shadow. This will be my 1st Christmas without her. She was called home 8 months ago. God needed another angel my daughter said. It's funny how I remember the smallest things. Like how we did crossword puzzles together every Saturday.We did everything together. She took care of me when my Mom had to work. I adored her. I still do. On New Years Eve we drank grape juice as we toasted to the new year. I was even fortunate to have her here for the 1st 5 years of my daughters life. They were thick as thieves. She could do no wrong in Mammaws' eyes. It was as if history repeated it self.What an awsome blessing. It's so strange not having her here. Well as she would say we've had a lot of adventures together. And now you'll have new adventures  with out me Sweetheart. You can do it! I believe in you! On the 8th is my Mammaws' birthday and I am blessed for having her in my life. Happy Birthday Mammaw! I love you. Your Shadow,                                                         Windie


Tes said...

You are so fortunate to have your Mammaw for a long time. I lost my maternal grandma when I was 17, and I never got to see my fraternal grandma. She died (of cancer) before I turned a year old. Grandparents always let us have our way! They are so wonderful to have around! Mine loved to cook and she loves to listen to me play the piano. I remember, when I was in grade school, she would make me play after dinner and I get a quarter (converted currency) per song. Not a bad way to earn -hahaha!

Thank you for this post, Windie... made me remember my "Apu" (how I call my maternal grandma)