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Thursday, February 18, 2010

People Are So Funny & I Dont Mean Looking

Well, it's 4:30am and as you've guessed, I'M NOT ASLEEP! Anyway,I'm getting use to it..sort of.As long as I have my Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Peppers NO ONE GETS HURT. Just kidding! There good though.Dont let the word DIET turn you away. Arent people the funniest creatures? Excuse me folks.My dogs just decided that because Moms up its play time. I have a Shipoo(thats a cross between a Stitzu and Poodle)named Bear & a new addition to the family,a miniture Chiuaua named Gracie. AWWW...They finally settled down. My daughters in the other room sawing loggs(sleeping like i should be). Anyway,where was I? Oh yah! I remember now. People being such funny creatures. Have you ever heard the phrase,"Do as I say,not as I do!"? Isn't that the silliest thing to say to a kid? Or "You think you've got it tough. Why when I was your age I had to get up @ the crack of dawn just to walk to school,UP HILL." And everybody says this even if they didn't. And what does PULLING SOMEONES FINGER have to do with passing gas??? Or my favorite ,"We didnt have tv when I was growning up.You youngin's have it so easy these days.Why we use to have to get up at the crack of dawn and slop the hogs and milk the cows and feed the chickens before school every mornin'." And yes I'm from a long line of Smart Country folk. And the thing is we fall 4 these things when we're young. That just makes there day the fact that they could pull a fast one over on you(trick you).Heres one I never understood. Say your Mom was mad and she was chewing you out about something you did or didn't do. She ask you a question. Then in the middle of you answering she tells you to hush up and listen to her. Then after she gets it all out of her system she wants to know why you didnt answer her question a while ago. And thats a loaded question.If you say,"Because you wouldnt let me",which maybe true,but thats not what she wants to hear. Your best bet is to poligitly answer the question . That is if you still remember it. And kids crack me up. Your child ask Mom can I have a cookie and you say no. You know as soon as there out of sight their going on a cookie hunt. Then when you catch them ,WITH THE COOKIE IN THERE HAND, the child looks at you like "How'd that get there?" And proceeds to tell you when you confront them ,"I was getting the cookie for you." :) It's hard not to laugh. Shouldn't we all laugh more? Why should life be so serious? Lightin' up folks! Its a prooven fact you live longer when you laugh. And you enjoy life more.