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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Power Of Music

Music moves me. Literally. I'm one of those people that when I hear music it starts my toe a tappin'. I sing in the shower. In the car I move and groove to the music at the stop sign or red light like nobodies lookin'.  Hey don't laugh, you know you do the same thing. You just don't wanna admit it. I love all music with the exception of the music that involves cursing and hurting people. That's not cool. I also love how music can take you back in time refreshing a memory. Isn't it amazing? Music can move you to feel so many different feelings.The music in any movie can intensify your mood. Music can put you on edge of your chair. It can make you watch from the little cracks in between your fingers. It can also make your eyes well up with tears.Or it can even make you feel empowered. For instance the movie Jaws,Indiana Jones,Star Wars, James Bond,Titanic, and many other movies just wouldn't have been the same.You can identify some movies by the theme music. It's really neat how that works. Don't you think so?


Tes said...

I can definitely relate, girl! Music transforms a movie, brands a movie and sets the mood of the viewers.

Ooh all that rockin' I love music...all sorts. And like you, I sing in the shower, hum while putting make-up on... music is simply part of our system! It's second skin.

Love the new look of your blog. So sassy!

Autumn Belle said...

Windie, you are so right about music and our feelings. For me, certain songs can bring back a lot of memories and past defining moments of my life. For example, when they play the song "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, I remember my college days of the 80s. I even remember how I felt, and how I fell in love! An excellent thought provoking post :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Definitely agree with you on this one, music adds so much to movies. As soon as I saw your post and the James Bond figure the opening theme music started playing in my head.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I have always loved Music. I grew up in a musical family --and even majored in music in college. I love most all kinds of music --with the exception of jazz and hard rock and rap...

I never liked country music 'til I met George. Now I LOVE it --and we listen to it most of the time. BUT--we both love classical, easy-listening, contemporary Christian, etc....

Music is my LIFE.

The Muse said...

i am always humming a tune from film...lol...i so could have been a contestant on Name that Tune.

thank you for the kind wishes...they meant so much to me !

AL said...

Hello Windie, sorry haven't visited for a while, I was looking after my Dad, he is sick. Anyway, ah yes music, who doesn't want music? I want my classic rock beside me! It makes me feel relaxed.


Quilt Works said...

Absolutely, music is a powerful thing, influences how you feel. When I am sad, sad songs both make feel sadder and better. Better because someone had the same feeling to write a song about it, and sadder because it intensifies the feeling. But it is a healing process.

Tags and Hugs, Quiltworks

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